1. Ma. Christina Herrera,
  2. Rosemary Brennan
  3. Ramon Perez
  4. Gary Ruíz
  5. Francisco Herrera
Our Vision
Our Misión
Action Criteria 
May fraternity move us to solidarity and impel us in order to dignify people, especially the most impoverished in human life, seeking truth, justice, fraternity, freedom, and peace.
Contribute as an organization of Social Justice, from our own identity as a migrant who, in one way or another, is witness, and is present in all social realities especially in charity, justice, and peace from the broad horizon of the dignity of the human person and of human rights.
The organization acts from our fidelity to human rights, in political, economic, cultural and social issues that demand management in accordance with the dignity of people and the common good.
The organization will always strive to offer its services with an attitude of openness,  and plural, inclusive, respectful and supportive dialogue.
Promote the interest, training and awareness of individuals or groups.

Our work is focused on communities that work for justice, culture, art, and music especially among the migrant population.

Promote and revive every effort of organization of men and women, be it indivudual or group, in favor of work for migrants, justice and peace in general.
Promote and/or encourage research, analysis, diagnostics of the reality in which we live.

Promote and encourage all work effort in coordination between the various organizations or groups.

This articulation can occur between groups, from other organizations, from several places, especially with Mexico, because the flow of migrants is very abundant.

Promote and encourage all efforts to work in partnership (forming networks) among various groups of civil society.

Promote, assume and nurture all use of the media to inform, raise awareness, educate on the problem of migrants and the people with fewer economic resources.
What We Do

Workshops Retreats Forums Concerts Music
Where people have a place to take back, their God, their dignity, their culture, their life, their land and their brothers.

Where is that other world where everyone we want to live, with Peace, Equality, Respect, Justice, Love, and Freedom.
  1. Come to this little place that is another world and knows our work, that will take us to have a wonderful experience in which we will join efforts to have a world where we all fit.

    Co- Directors: Maria Christina & Francisco Herrera

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